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gtkpostal is a simple and light gui email client written using the gimp toolkit ( As of this moment gtkpostal is not completely functional. This will change however, and as soon as a fully functioning version is available you will find it here. The currently incomplete source is available for free (released under the GNU General Public License) right here.


July 28, 2003:
Yes, its later than expected but gtkpostal is now capable of sending plain-text messages. Future plans include support for MIME (attachments, etc.) and PGP encryption via GnuPG. However, I would like to first get a basic fully functioning version completed after which I will proceed with adding support for cryptography.

July 10, 2003:
I've almost completed the send-new-message feature. It will be complete by the end of this weekend. The current source code has been updated to reflect the latest progress. I've also taken some new screenshots, you can see them all right here.

June 08, 2003:
I've been super busy lately and GTKPostal temporarily fell by the wayside. I suppose that is what happens to personal projects sometimes. Work is still being done on the message sending functions and will hopefully be done soon.
These are the major features that still need completed (this list will probably grow):
1) write new message
2) receive new messages (including message display and deletion system)
3) the ability to remove/edit a currently existing account
4) "user info" frame currently does nothing
5) the message list window needs more parameters (ie subject, priority, etc.)
6) make the message list a tree with roots: Inbox, Sent, Trash, etc.
6) the "about" window
7) message filters (to be added last)
8) windows port

April 16, 2003:
Not much work has been done on gtkpostal for awhile. Pennsylvania State University has been getting in the way quite frequently. All is not lost, however. For summer is not far. Be alert and keep your eyes peeled for coming progress!

March 15, 2003:
While working on the message sending system I encountered a very strange problem with the way I was implementing some of the GTK+ window destroying signal functions. Due to this problem I have decided to re-work all of my GTK+ specific code to comply with the latest version of GTK+ (2.2.0). I don't think the changes will be that difficult to make but they will take time especially since my spring break is now over =[. Do not lose hope, for I am determined and I will finish this damn email client!

New Online Source: here
New GTKPostal development notes
Screenshots added November 07, 2002:
screenshot 1
screenshot 2
screenshot 3 new
screenshot 4 new
screenshot 5 new
The code below is NOT current!
old gtkpostal online source: gtkpostal source
old gtkpostal changes: changes